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Effects of Orlistat or Telmisartan on the Serum Free Fatty Acids in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients: An Open-Labeled Randomized Controlled Study


Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Sulaimani School of Pharmacy, Sulaimani-Iraq


Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Hawler Medical University School of Pharmacy, Erbil-Iraq


Department of Medicine, University of Sulaimani School of Medicine, Sulaimani-Iraq

Turk J Gastroenterol 2022; 33: 421-426
DOI: 10.5152/tjg.2020.19365
Read: 1369 Downloads: 405 Published: 01 May 2022

Background: One of the important inducers of inflammatory responses and accumulation of fat in hepatocytes is free fatty acids which ultimately lead to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease have high levels of plasma free fatty acids which are usually associated with type 2 diabetes and components of metabolic syndrome including dyslipidemia. Objective of this research is to investigate the effects of orlistat (a lipase enzyme inhibitor) or telmisartan (an angiotensin receptor blocker) on the serum free fatty acids in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients taking into consideration the baseline lipid profile.

Methods: This open-label clinical trial was carried out in the Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine at the University of Sulaimani in cooperation with Shar Teaching Hospital in Sulaimani city-Kurdistan Region of Iraq. A total number of 74 non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients were recruited and grouped randomly into group I (n = 25) treated with orlistat (120 mg/day orally) for 12 weeks, group II (n = 24) treated with telmisartan (20 mg/day orally) for 8 weeks, and group III (n = 25) treated with placebo (carboxy- methyl cellulose) once daily. Fasting serum level of free fatty acid and lipid profile including total cholesterol, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein, and non-high-density lipoproteins were determined.

Results: Orlistat and telmisartan significantly reduced the triglyceride-glucose index and free fatty acid levels (P < .001) in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases.

Conclusion: Short-term treatment with orlistat or telmisartan produce effective and significant reductions in FFAs in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease compared to placebo. Orlistat effectively reduces the free fatty acid irrespective of the baseline lipid profile.

Cite this article as: Esmail VAW, Al-Nimer MSM, Mohammed MO. Effects of orlistat or telmisartan on the serum free fatty acids in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients: an open-labeled randomized controlled study. Turk J Gastroenterol. 2022;33(5):421-426.

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