E-ISSN 2148-5607
Effect of single dose alcohol administration on malondialdehyde, glutathione,total protein and hydroxproline levels of rat liver
(Turk J Gastroenterol 1999; 10: 1-3)
Protective effect of pentoxifyllin on alcohol induced gastric mucosal damage in rats: Relation with prostoglandin and nitric oxide
(Turk J Gastroenterol 1999; 10: 378-384)
Helicobacter pylori density in patients with nonulcer dyspepsia and patients with duodenal ulcer
(Turk J Gastroenterol 1999; 10: 407-410)
Role of exidants-antioxidants and radical scavengers in alcohol-induced liver injury in rats
(Turk J Gastroenterol 1997; 8: 137-143)
Does a single dose of alcohol cause exidative stress in the pancreas?
(Turk J Gastroenterol 1997; 8: 171-174)
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