Turkish Journal of Gastroenterology

Starting on February 1, 2023, the Turkish Journal of Gastroentereology will collect an article processing charge (APC) for all articles. 
Upon acceptance of the manuscript, authors should transfer the payment to the account stated in the acceptance letter. Following the transfer, please send your receipt of payment to [email protected]. Below is a list of APC amounts based on the type of manuscript.

•    Original Article/Review – 1180 USD (VAT included)
•    Letter to the Editor – 708 USD (VAT included)
•    Video Article – 470 USD (VAT included)

For articles whose first author and corresponding author are members of Turkish Society of Gastroenterology, the article processing fee (APC) will be waived. Authors must ensure membership eligibility for the societies mentioned above.

Please note that all submissions are evaluated by the Editorial Board and the external reviewers in terms of scientific quality and ethical standards. APC payments do not affect the outcome of the article's evaluation or its publication priority.

To continue with the submission https://mc04.manuscriptcentral.com/turkjgastroenterol.

There are no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures, or supplementary data. 
Any financial contribution or support received from third parties for a manuscript should be disclosed at the time of initial submission. Should APC be paid by a third party other than the author or the author's institution, authors must provide this information on the title page and ICMJE Disclosure Form.

APCs cover the expenses for publishing services the journal provides, including costs of peer review administration and management, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and dissemination of published papers in various venues and other publishing functions. 
Articles are typically published in the forthcoming 3-4 issues without incurring any additional charges. However, authors who wish to expedite the publication process may opt to use the fast track publication service for a fee of 590 USD (including VAT). This service aims to prioritize the review and publication of the article in the subsequent issue upon payment. Please note that the fast track publication service is optional and not mandatory for publication in the journal. No waivers are available for the fast track publication fee. Regardless of whether authors use the fast track service, they will still be required to pay the APC.
Please contact [email protected] if you would like to use this service.

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